Metromedia Producers Corporation
Written and Compiled by Nicholas Aczel

1st Logo

Nickname: "MPC"

Logo: On a dark cyan background, the yellow words "METROMEDIA PRODUCERS CORPORATION" zoom up to the right. The letters M, P, and C fly from underneath in a flipping manner to the left, binding together to form the logo with M on top, P to the right, and C on the bottom.

FX: The words zooming, the letters flying, flipping, and binding.

Cheesy Factor: The letters look like paper cutouts, and the flipping and binding effects is typical 70s/80s simplistic animation.

Music: A very loud and dramatic five-note fanfare.

Availability: Extinct; shows that used to have this logo are not seen much on video or in syndication, and those that are may be a victim of News Corporation’s recent habit of plastering the 20th Television logo over it’s back catalog.

Scare Factor: High, bordering on nightmare, the connecting letters on dark background and the unnerving music make this logo a major fear factor.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "The Rainbow M Ribbon"

Logo: On a black background, a rainbow-colored ribbon flies onscreen and twists into a cursive "M." The words "Distributed by" appear above the logo and "METROMEDIA PRODUCERS" below.

FX: The ribbon flying and twisting into the "M."

Cheesy Factor: Simple animation, again.

Music: A majestic string fanfare.

Availability: Extinct; since Metromedia merged with 20th Century Fox in 1986, the logo has been plastered in favor of 20th Television logos.

Scare Factor: Minimal to Median, the music and the ribbon animations might shock some.

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