Stephen J. Cannell Productions/Cannell Entertainment

Compiled by Jeffrey Gray and Eric Hartman


Background: This company is still alive, but mainly for Cannell's work as a novelist. The logo has not been used on a original show since 1998, when Silk Stalkings ended its long run on the USA Network. There is still possibilities that the logo will be used on an original project in the future, namely a movie version of Hunter or The A-Team.

Nicknames: "Guy on Typewriter", "Cannell", "The Evil Typewriter Man!"

Logo: A live-action man (Mr. Stephen J. Cannell himself) with a pompadour and a beard is typing at a typewriter in an office/study area with bookshelves and awards galore. The camera then pans clockwise from his face to his back. Once the camera is towards Cannell's back, he throws the paper he is typing on over his head. The paper becomes animated on a black background, and floats downwards towards a stack of animated papers below. The paper "scoops" up the top papers in the stack and forms a "C". The text "Stephen J. Cannell Productions" or "Cannell Entertainment Inc." is seen above.


  • In the early years, we just see Stephen typing at the typewriter from the front, he throws the paper up into the air, and the animation sequence continues as usual.
  • Occasionally, after Mr. Cannell throws the paper, we bypass the animation and turn to a black static screen that says "Produced by Cannell Entertainment Inc." The 20th Century Fox ID (Cannell's parent company) would follow. This was seen on some episodes of Silk Stalkings (era unknown).
  • Of course, this logo was updated often, the main difference is with Mr. Cannell wearing different clothes, possibly new awards in the office added as well, and even different offices were used. The concept was always the same, as well as the animation. A list of outfits can be seen below.
  • On some (maybe all) episodes of Renegade, the text above the finished logo says "Renegade IV Productions", the live action sequence is intact.

Outfit List: Here is a list of outfits worn by Mr. Cannell over the years:

  • 1980: Steve has a dark colored sweater with white collar shirt, plus he is smoking his pipe
  • 1983: Steve has a blue jacket and white flannel shirt over a black turtleneck, plus he is smoking his pipe
  • 1984: Steve has a black jacket and dark colored sweater over white collar shirt
  • 1985: Steve in white striped flannel shirt
  • 1987: Steve in casual black-and-white vest
  • 1989: Steve in red polo shirt (with the collar up)

FX/Cheesy Factor: The animation used to "turn" the "real" paper into an animated one can be tacky to some, although it is a great transition

Music: A dramatic tune is played while Cannell types, which contains string-like instruments and pounding synthesizers. The tone is more soothing when Cannell throws the paper, reaching a climax with an wind instrument (probably a flute). When the "C" forms, a Malibu-style guitar is played. In the logo's early days, ominous horns and flutes played along with the pounding synthesizers while Cannell types.

Availability: Still saved on Cannell's shows when reran.

Scare Factor: Median, the music is quite dramatic. The animation looks a little creepy to some. And Mr. Cannell himself doesn't look like the nicest guy in the world here.

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