TriStar Pictures
and other Sony properties

Compiled by Ryan Mead, James Fabiano and Matt Williams

1st Logo

Nicknames: "Wobbly Wings," "Jumping Pegasus"

Logo: On a blue sky background, a white horse slowly gallops into view. As he gallops towards the camera, a pair of wings grows from its body, revealing it to be a pegasus. When it gets really close to the camera, 3 stars come from the left, right, and bottom of the screen towards each other, forming a "T". The pegasus then leaps over the T, and flies out of view. The "T" zooms out, revealing that it is the first letter of the word "TRI", with "STAR" below it. As the words zoom out, a golden triangle zooms out, "sealing" the letters and revealing a black background behind it. As the triangle and letters zoom out more, "PICTURES" is seen below the logo, and a drawing of a pegasus is seen near the top, in white. When the logo is completely formed, it looks like the pegasus is "leaping" over the triangle.

SFX: The wings growing on the horse, the forming of the T.

Cheesy Factor: The forming of the T and the zooming out stuff looks kinda dated now, but it was state of the art then. The main cheapness of the logo, though, were those wings. The whole thing looks perfectly fine until the wings start growing. And the wings-they're animated, and VERY cheaply at that. They look painted on, and they "wobble". I know CGI was a luxury then, but man, this is *bad* even for then.

Music: As the horse gallops into view, three low notes are played, and repeat. But when the Pegasus flies over the T, more enlightening trumpets are played and combine with the trombones for the logo formation. A loud, 3-note trumpet solo is heard at the end.

Scare Factor: The sudden loud music might get to some, but it's generally all right.

2nd Logo

Logo: We see a picture of a dreamy, sun-lit area full of clouds.  A bright light flashes from the bottom center of the screen to reveal a white, winged pegasus walking on the clouds. In bold, golden lettering, "TRISTAR" appears on the top of the screen.

Byline: Referred to as "A Sony Pictures Entertainment Company" starting in 1995.

SFX: The light beam forming the pegasus.

Cheesy Factor: On the era of the Sony byline, the bylining looks very cheaply chyroned in.

Music: A majestic orchestral tune is heard, a remix of the old theme.

Music Variation: The theme from the original logo was used in the early days of the logo.

Availability: Is in current use, but not as prolific as years past.  Can also be found on home video.

Scare Factor: None

Screen Gems Pictures

Nicknames: "S From Heaven", "The Spiral S (from Heaven)"

Logo: On a black background, a flash of light forms a blue dot. A series of ITC-like tops spin around it and form the two lines of the S (the same as the scary Screen Gems logo of 1965-1974). Under the S appears "SCREEN GEMS," and underneath that, "A SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY."

SFX: The flash and the spinning "tops." The stunning animation of the logo has made this a favorite of logo fans who've seen it.

Music: It starts out with a rising orchestra, then to an extremely majestic/inspirational five-note tune coinciding with the animation and the forming of the words "SCREEN GEMS".

Availability: Uncommon, the logo is current, but not many movies have been released by the company. Sony describes the movie division as "a haven for a type of film that falls between those currently released by our highly valued Sony Pictures Classics, and the wide release movies that are more traditionally developed and released by Columbia Pictures." First appeared on television when HBO showed
Arlington Road.

Scare Factor: Low, unlike the television version. The "S" has seemed to mellow with age.