Miramax Films

Written and Compiled by Matt Williams

1st Logo

Nickname: "The Big M"

Logo: On a black background, we see a blue "M" momentarily filling the screen, then zooming out to a distance. It stops, and then slowly starts to move to the right, revealing the golden letters of "MIRAMAX" as it goes. After it reveals the "A", it flashes/explodes to reveal an "X". The word "FILMS", sandwiched between two bars and spaced so that it matches the width of "MIRAMAX", appears. Then, the outline of a giant "M", glowing in blue, zooms out to encase the Miramax logo.

Early Variation: For a number of years until Disney acquired the company, the word "Presents", blue and in script, would appear under the "MIRAMAX FILMS" logo.

Home Entertainment Variation: Miramax adapted their logo for their Home Entertainment division. It is the same as the movie logo, although the logo is now on videotape and runs at a smoother frame rate, rendering it even more cheesy than before. "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" replaces "FILMS".

SFX: The zooming out of the M, the glowing letters, the flash, the "Big M"

Cheesy Factor: All 80s glowing effects, and the "M" zooming out at the beginning seems to be going in slow/delayed motion like the MTM kitten.

Music: Rather subdued new-age type music.

Availability: On many, MANY movies released by this company. Not hard to find at all.

Scare Factor: Well, the flash might get to some, but it's pretty harmless.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "The City"

Logo: We zoom down a river, and pan up to see the skyline of a city, at sundown. As the sun sets, the lights in the building windows begin to turn on, like normal when it is sundown. As we zoom in closer to the buildings, several lights begin forming the Miramax Films logo, simply in white (no glowy effects like last time). The city skyline fades to black as the Miramax Films logo forms, piece by piece, zooms towards the center of the screen.

Variation: For this logo's first year, the word "20th Anniversary" appears above.

Home Entertainment Variation: Again, Miramax's Home Entertainment division adapted this logo. It's on videotape and shot at a faster frame rate, and again "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" replaces "FILMS".

SFX: Stunning CGI effects.

Music: Not confirmed as of yet, but "Music of the Heart" has the beginning of that movie's theme there.

Availability: Not widely seen, as this logo has just begun use and Miramax's films aren't that widely distributed.

Scare Factor: Absolutely none. This is a GREAT logo, stunning CGI, design, and nifty idea. Has the potential to be a fan favorite if/when it is seen more widely.