Lexington Broadcast Services Company/LBS Communications Inc.

Compiled by Jason Jones, Jeffrey Gray and James Fabiano

1st Logo

Nickname: "Pan-Out"

Logo: On a black screen, a white beam of light with several twinkles on it "scans" across the screen, leaving a large blue fused "LBS," consisting of an L and an S fused together and a B in the gap between them, in its trail, in the center of the screen. The "LBS" zooms out and stops slightly above the direct center of the screen. Under it, a small white flash appears, leaving behind the words "LEXINGTON BROADCAST SERVICES COMPANY" in white, aligned like this:


FX: The beam of light, and the flash revealing the company name.

Cheesy Factor: As cheesy as you would expect a mid-to-late-70s logo to be.

Music: A rising synth sound, a bizarre synth tune which accompanies the rising synth sound, and a synthesized "zap" accompanying the flash. All three elements of the soundtrack sound like they were made on a Moog synthesizer.

Availability: Extinct. Appeared on the first season of "Inspector Gadget" (1983-84), and syndicated reruns of "Superfriends," but now no longer seen on TV.

Scare Factor: High, the synth music and light effects make this a very scary logo.

2nd Logo

Logo: On a background consisting of a light-to-dark violet gradient, a light blue, curved "LBS" (exactly like the "LBS" in logo 1, but a darker shade of blue) zooms out while "unfolding." It stops in the center of the screen. "LBS COMMUNICATIONS, INC." "shines" in under the logo.

FX: The "LBS" unfolding, the company name "shining" in.

Cheesy Factor: The background looks primitive, the logo looks like it's plastered onto the background, and the "shine" effect is only slightly less cheesy than the rest of the logo.

Music: A generic synth tune, ending in a single drumbeat.

Availability: Extinct, appeared on the second season of "Inspector Gadget" (1984-85), "Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats," and 1984-87 episodes of "Tales from the Darkside," but none of those shows are currently seen on TV.

Scare Factor: Low, the effects are no longer scary like in the first logo, and the music is also not as scary.

3rd Logo

Nickname: "Slide-In", "Comets and Dots"

Logo: A group of round balls pan to the left of the screen. The "LBS" slides in from the right of the screen, during which two groups of lights streak through. The logo makes a stop at the front of the screen, the company name fades in.

15 Years of LBS: To celebrate LBS’ 15th Anniversary in 1991, a smaller variant of the logo was seen, with a red ribbon reading “15 Years of LBS” appearing under the logo.

FX: The panning out and sliding in of the logo and background.

Music: From 1987-89 had a remix of the music from Logo #2; starting in 1989 it was changed to a mystical fanfare.

Availability: More common than previous logos, but still extremely rare. The first music variation made a surprise appearance on the series finale of “Hazel” on TV Land, the second variation was last seen on early 90s prints of “Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats” and “The New Adventures of He-Man,” and the 15 Years logo was last seen on the first syndicated season of “Baywatch” (1991-92). However, LBS went bankrupt in early 1992, with most of its assets sold to Syd Vinnedge’s All American Television. With the exception of the DiC cartoons, Tribune Entertainment shows, and some 1980s Colex/CPT prints, expect to see a Pearson Television or FremantleMedia logo replace all LBS logos on future reruns.

Scare Factor: Median for the 1st music (the remix may surprise some), and Minimal for the 2nd music (a bit eerie, but tame compared to the “Pan-Out” music).

Colex Enterprises

(Note: Colex was a partnership between LEXington Broadcast Services and COLumbia to distribute classic Columbia shows)

Logo: On a blue background two sets of three red lines come from either side and merge into one set of three. A blue "Colex" written in cursive drops down onto the lines and at the bottom a four-pointed star passes, leaving behind the word "ENTERPRISES."

FX/Cheesy Factor: Logo seems to be totally made of '80s computer effects. The star has a "shadow" effect.

Music: A oversynthesized 9-note tune, two pairs of four ascending notes (second higher than the last) ends with one last high note and a "ping" when the star finishes writing out "Enterprises." Sounds like MIDI music, or something out of an 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System game.

Availability: Is extinct as it would most likely be replaced by other syndicators or later Columbia logos. However, on Encore's Mystery Channel's print of "The Canterville Ghost" (80s) this was retained, even after the '92 Columbia.

Scare Factor: Non-fans of oversynthesized jingles (like the people who dislike the Screen Gems logo of 1965-74) may not like this much.


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