Written and Compiled by Nicholas Aczel and Sean Beard

1st Logo

Logo: On a primitive computerized dark blue background, we pan-out to the right through many bright blue 3-D bars interlocking with each other. The bars rotate up and zoom out, revealing the text


glittering with stars.

The word "CINAR" is in a block lined font, with the "I" dotted red and the "N" and "A" rather connected. It’s also pronounced "seh-Nar"


FX: The bars interlocking, the glittering stars.

Cheesy Factor: Rather poor quality early computer graphics and cheesy "glittering" effect, although the animation itself is pretty cool (kinda resembling Marvel Productions 2nd logo "CGI Spidey.")

Music: Plays over the ending theme.

Availability: Extinct in the US, relegated to old videocassettes of the shows listed above. Appears on shows airing on Canada’s Teletoon Network on occasion, and recently spotted on "White Fang" on Canada’s YTV Network.

Scare Factor: Minimal, pretty much depends on the ending theme shown.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "Space"

Logo: On a space background, various glowing line blocks zoom out from the bottom of the screen, forming the blue text


in the same font as the previous logo with a red dot on the "I," but this time the "N" and "A" do not appear connected together. The logo flashes and the disclaimer "CINAR is a registered trademark of CINAR corporation" appears below. Starting in 1998, the URL appears below that (this variant may plaster the URL-less logos on new prints of Cinar’s classics).

FX: The zooming line blocks, the flash.

Music: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Common, seen on lots of kids shows on cable TV.

Scare Factor: Pretty low, the darkness may get to some, but the CGI is much improved over the previous logo.

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