Curious Pictures

By Cameron McCaffrey


Nickname: "The Dot"  

Logo: On a black background, we see these words written across it:  


Suddenly, the dot in the '?' morphs into a human-like thing with dots and lines representing its hands and feet and falls down. It runs towards the right end of the screen.  

Variations: There were two variations of this logo. The first one has the '?' dot flying around, spinning in circles, then flying quickly towards the bottom right of the screen, leaving a trail of smoke as it does so. This one has been nicknamed "The Dot of Smoke." The second one has a still picture of the logo. No animation.  

FX: The dot morphing and running on the "dot" logo and the dot flying on the "The Dot of Smoke" logo.  

Cheesy Factor: Simple animation for the dot on the "dot" logo, but the "The Dot of Smoke" logo has pretty nice CGI, actually.  

Music/Sound Effects: On the "dot" logo, there are squeaky sounds as the dot falls down and runs. On the "The Dot of Smoke" logo, there is a loud "WHOOSH" sound.  

Availability: First sighted on the Cartoon Network show "Sheep in the Big City," which is long gone from TV. However, the "dot" logo which appeared on that show can still be seen on the first episode of "Codename: Kids Next Door." The "The Dot of Smoke" logo can be seen on most KND episodes. The still logo can be sighted on Kids Next Door 2-part episodes.  

Scare Factor: None on the common version of this logo (the "Dot" version) and the still shot version of this logo, and Low to Moderate for the "The Dot of Smoke" version, because the loud noise and smoke could catch a few off guard.

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