DePatie-Freleng Enterprises

By Kris Starring

Background: The men of the company are David DePatie and Friz Freleng. Famous for Pink Panther, the company released theatrical cartoons under Warner Bros. from 1963 to 1967, then United Artists from 1967 on into the 70's. After Freleng's departure in 1980, the company was sold to Marvel as their new animation division in 1981.

1st Logo

Logo: On a black screen, we see the yellow text "DePATIE FRELENG and MIRISCH FILMS INC PRESENT" appear, along with two red dots in the spaces between "FILMS INC PRESENT."

FX: The letters appearing.

Music: The opening theme to the show.

Availability: Appears on theatrical Pink Panther cartoons when someone decides to show them.

Scare Factor: Low

2nd Logo
(1969-Mid 70's)

Nickname: "DFE Films"

Logo: We see a maroon colored screen, you can barely see a giant black "DFE" (with the letters F and E connected in the middle) in the center of the screen. The letters begin to fill one by one with a flowing assortment of colors. The "DFE" zooms out to reveal the "FE" is connected to what appears to be an abstract ending of a paintbrush, which has the maroon word "films" inside. The screen then turns navy blue, with a light gray DFE Films logo, a light green with a black DFE Films, then back to a navy blue screen with a light gray DFE Films. Finally, the screen goes back to the normal color scheme.

FX: The "DFE" zooming out and the flowing colors.

Cheesy Factor: OK, where should I begin? The color scheme is butt-ugly for one thing, the flowing colors looks like someone is dragging cut-out construction paper from behind. And what's with the screen suddenly changing colors?

Music: A brass score that appears to be in synchronization with the logo's animations.

Availability: Appears on early 70's episodes of the TV Pink Panther cartoons when someone decides to show them.

Scare Factor: Median, some may be caught off guard by the abrupt change in color or by the theme, but it's mainly just an eyesore.

3rd Logo
(Mid 70's-1981)

Logo: At the end of the credits, we see the DFE Films logo (as in Logo 2). Below it we see the text "A DEPATIE-FRELENG PRODUCTION"

FX: None, it's in-credit. Appeared superimposed on The Barkleys, otherwise placed on a background in the color scheme of the show's credits (i.e. pink on Pink Panther).

Music: The closing theme to the show.

Availability: Should still show up when DFE shows from the late 70's are reran, as it is in-credit and usually left alone.

Scare Factor: Low

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