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Complied by Jason Jones, James Fabiano, Matt Williams, Kris Starring, Dan DeCosta and Nicholas Aczel

"Inspector Gadget" custom logo

Logo: Inspector Gadget passes a green DiC logo on a blue background while on his skates. Halfway through, his Gadget mallet comes out (presumably involuntarily) and hits the space above the "I," dotting it. Gadget exits out of control.

FX: Just DiC quality animation

Music: A trumpet outro from the end notes of the Inspector Gadget theme song.

Availability: Extinct, when this show is now rerun, it is replaced by the Incredible World of DiC logo.

Scare Factor: Low, depends on what you think of the music and the DiC logo’s look.

"The Littles" custom logo

Logo: The character Dinky runs past the green DiC logo on an orange background and places a green button onto the space above the "i", dotting the letter.

FX: Just DiC quality animation

Music: The outro of The Littles' theme song.

Availability: Extinct, when this show is now rerun, it is replaced by the Incredible World of DiC logo.

Scare Factor: Low, depends on your opinion of the music and the look of the DiC logo.

1st Standard Logo

Nickname: "The Vortex"

Logo: Background is a vortex of blue boxes, which purple colors streak down as a green stylized "DiC" comes up, seemingly sideways, then turning forward as it comes closer. When it is all the way up, the logo shines and sparkles.

FX: The blue vortex with purple streaking down it, the zooming logo.

Cheesy Factor: Early computer animation

Music: An ascending 8-note synthesized theme

Go, Gadget: On the 2nd season of the show (1984-85), a new variant of this logo with an orange “DiC” was introduced with a very different 6-note keyboard tune. The “orange” logo was used intermittently with the “green” one on 1985-87 DiC shows, but often used the 8-note music instead.

Availability: Unfortunately, none of the shows that had this logo (Inspector Gadget, Zoobilee Zoo, Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats to name a few) are currently being rerun on TV, so it’s pretty much gone outside of tapes. But if the shows are rerun in the future, expect the Incredible World of DiC to plaster it.

Scare Factor: Minimal, the music may scare some but the logo is probably more ugly than scary. However, it would get much worse with the follow-up…

2nd Logo
(1987-2001, 2003-)

Nicknames: "Kid In Bed"

Logo: We see a boy sleeping in bed (a dog is on the bed, too) with a window above. The camera pans through the bedroom to a "spiked" star outside the window. The spiked star morphs into a ball, and the silver, 3-D word "DIC" zooms in and rotates 90 below to face us. The ball is the dot in the “I” in “DIC.” Then, a kid will say the company's name (pronounced "DEEK") and in some cases is silent. In a rare variation, a light, whispery choir will sing "DIC" instead of the usual kid voiceover.

FX: The pan from bed to star, the chroma key used to place the CGI animations in the window. Actually pretty high-tech for it's time.

Cheesy Factor: The camera’s pan is very choppy. The 1987-1990 version of this logo had a low-budget starfield that was mostly empty. This version also had this cheesy glow effect on the star/ball. In 1990, the logo got an update with a spiffier starfield. However, the camera's pan remained choppy in throughout logo’s long run.

Music: Had three sets of music, some spooky fading synth music, a dreamy tune, and another unrelated dreamy tune.

Variations: This logo had many different variations throughout it's long run:

1987-1990: the fading synth music, simple starfield, voiceover.
1987-1990 variation 1: fading synth music, same starfield, voiceover, sped-up
1987-1990 variation 2: fading synth music, same starfield, sped up, but there is a video freeze and "PRESENTS" appears letter by letter at the bottom. This was a bumper seen on early DIC Video releases.
1987-1990 variation 3: the fading synth music, same starfield, choir singing “DIC.” This variation is extremely rare.
1990-1999: the dreamy music, spiffier starfield, new voiceover kid.
1990-1999 variation 1: the dreamy music, same starfield, voiceover, sped-up.
1990-1999 variation 2: the same as above, except there is a byline that says “In Association with RETITALIA s.p.a. and TELECINCO”. This was seen around 1991-1994.
1999-2001: Different dreamy tune, sped-up, the 1990 starfield, and a different kid saying the name.
2003-present: Instead of the regular DIC logo, has the "Incredible World Of DiC" globe zoom up outside the window, with light rays shining behind it. When the globe stops, the light rays flash. The logo also has a different starfield that appears to be a cheap rotating 2D image. The music and voiceover is the same as the 1999 version.

Availability: Shows that would sport the 1987-1990 version aren’t currently being shown on TV, but should be replaced with the Incredible World of DiC when they’re rerun in the future. The rare variation with the choir singing “DIC” was occasionally featured on post-1987 episodes of The Real Ghostbusters. Some shows with the 1990-1999 version, such as Captain Planet, are now being reran on cable, though usually late at night. The RETITALIA/TELECINCO version was seen on Sonic The Hedgehog, and infamously, Hammerman, M.C. Hammer’s 1991-1992 cartoon show. The 1999 version is not current, but it is still prevalent on the Disney Channel, Toon Disney, and the Cartoon Network. Also, many shows with the “Kid In Bed” logo can be found on video. The new 2003 variation can be seen at the end of 1960s Speed Racer reruns on the Speed Channel.

Scare Factor: Nightmare for the fading synth music, High to Median for the two dreamy music variations. The darkness of the logo, the spiked star, and sudden appearance of “DIC” weren’t easy to look at either.

3rd Logo

Nickname: "The Incredible World of DiC"

Logo: On a colorful background filled with stars and other assorted patterns, a purple globe pops up, zooming to fill the screen and backs up. On the upper-half of the globe, some sparkles fly across and write the words

Incredible World

and on the lower-half, the word


(in the same-font as the “Kid in Bed” logo) zooms out to the logo; also like the previous logo, a kid is often heard saying the company name.

FX: Just DiC quality animation.

Music: A light techno-pop tune with bells.

Availability: Common, appears on the current (good-to-mediocre) DiC-produced shows, such as Sabrina: The Animated Series and Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! on Toon Disney, and a variant with no voiceover appears on Liberty’s Kids on PBS. Also plasters older DiC logos when they are rerun on local stations (that have an Incredible World of DiC Saturday Morning block).

Scare Factor: None, the logo is mostly cute but great for children; but it will be annoying to people who like the older DiC logos.

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