Hallmark Entertainment

Written and Compiled by James Fabiano

(Dates Unknown)

Nickname: "The Stamp"

Logo: A gold plate with letters to "HALLMARK" backwards fills the screen, then as the camera backs away it's revealed to be a stamp that, well, stamps a silver rectangle as the image turns around. The rectangle continues to turn around until it stops in the center, revealing that it reads:

(There is a line above and below the name. Also, the words are more evenly long of course)

FX: The "stamp"

Music: None

Availability: Seen at the end of Hallmark owned shows (I know it's on Filmation reruns on Odyssey)

Scare Factor: Low

1980s sponsor bumper

Nickname: "Door --> Crown"

Logo: We first see a shop with black doors and black and tannish-red walls. Above it is a beige wall with a gold Hallmark logo. The camera zooms back and the shop morphs into the Hallmark crown. We end up with another gold Hallmark logo against a marble blue background.

Variation: We see several people coming in and out of a Hallmark shop (preferably in a mall), which the camera zooms back from. It then fades to a gold Hallmark logo, different from the one on the blue marble background. This one is on a black background, and the logo has no outline. It shines all the way through once revealed.

FX: The shop morphing.

Music: None, but there's an announcer who says, "[SHOW] is underwritten by Hallmark. Hallmark is pleased to bring you the very best in children's entertainment."

Availability: Seen at the end of "Zoobilee Zoo" reruns.

Scare Factor: Low

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