Compiled by Nicholas Aczel, Kris Starring and Sean Beard

Background: Nelvana was founded in 1971 in Canada. Until 1985, the company did not have a animated logo separate from the credits at the end of their shows, instead using an in-credit version of the Polar Bear looking up at the star without the arch, and "NELVANA" below.

1st Logo

Nickname: "Neon Polar Bear"

Logo: On a black background, a blue square with a red outline and a white star in the center flies from the top right of the screen, gradually enlarging and turning counterclockwise to fit the screen as the star multiplies into a seven star semicircle outline. The text "NELVANA" appears below the semicircle in red. The star outline shines from left to right, and the pinnacle star sends a shower of light down the center of the semicircle. "NELVANA" lights up in orange, and the shower of light unfolds to the left, turning into a neon blue polar bear looking up and howling.

Variant: On the 1988 film, Babar The Movie, there is a special, rare variant of this logo where the polar bear stands on its hind legs for a second, before assuming its normal position.

FX: The light effects.

Cheesy Factor: 80s light animations.

Music: A loud WHOOSH as the logo flies into place, followed by a fairy dust scale as the star outline shines, and a thunderclap as "NELVANA" lights up. For most of Nelvana's 90s shows, the end theme played over it.

Availability: Scarce, the short version can still be seen on "Care Bears" on Toon Disney and 1995-96 episodes of "Little Bear" on Nick Jr., the long version can be considered extinct.

Scare Factor: Minimal, pretty much depends on the ending theme shown.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "Space Polar Bear"

Logo: On a space background, there is a flash of light and the Nelvana logo appears in CGI on the background looking similar to the 1st logo, with some exceptions: the seven star semicircle has a blue chrome outline, as does the polar bear and the "NELVANA" text. A shooting star flies from the right, and as it passes the pinnacle star and the 2nd star to the left in the semicircle, each star lights up.

FX: Excellent use of CGI on the starry background, blue chrome, and shooting star.

Music: The end theme of a show or the generic network theme. In 2002, some synthesized music was added. This jingle consisted of a "WHOOSH" followed by some reverberated synth notes.

Availability: Common, seen on many shows on Fox Kids, ABC Family, Kids' WB!, Playhouse Disney, PBS Kids and Nick Jr.

Scare Factor: Great CGI, nothing to worry about. May get a little higher when the music is added, however.

3rd Logo
(January 2002-2003)

Logo: On a white background, we see the seven star semicircle, polar bear, and "NELVANA" text as from the previous logo but with a dark blue outline. Underneath the "NELVANA" is the URL, and underneath that is the byline "A CORUS Entertainment Company."

FX: None, this is a still logo.

Music: The end theme of a show or the generic network theme.

Availability: It was used as an alternate logo during 2002-03. Some shows, like "Braceface" on ABC Family, will have the 2nd logo instead.

Scare Factor: None, I can't find anything.

4th Logo

Nickname: "Nebular Polar Bear"

Logo: On a black background, we see the polar bear with a blue outline around it looking up, bumping a star to the top right of his face. The logo looks similar to the in-credit logo seen before 1985. Under the bear and star is "NELVANA" with the byline "A Corus Entertainment Company" underneath that. The star briefly twinkles, and a white haze of light forms and dissipates behind the logo.

FX: Modern-day 2D computer graphics. The 1996 Space Bear was much better though.

Music: The end theme of a show or the generic network theme. It is not known if this logo has its own music at this time.

Availiability: Just beginning to surface on current Nelvana shows. It was recently spotted on "The Backyardigans" on CBS's Saturday morning Nick Jr. lineup.

Scare Factor: Low, the sudden light haze in the background looks a little freaky, but should be OK.

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