Ruby-Spears Enterprises

Compiled by Jason Jones and James Fabiano


The men named in the company are Kenneth Spears and Joseph Ruby and started this company in 1977; however, they did not use a logo until September 1978.


Nickname: "Rising RS"

Logo: Over a sky blue background, we see the phrase "A Ruby-Spears Production". There are 4 orange lines that emerge from left and right of the screen. The initials, an robust R-S, slide upward from the stacked lines. Then it reads "A Company of", cutting to the next logo, that of Filmways, their former owner.

FX/Cheesy Factor: The sliding up of the R-S name.

Music: None, although it plays through the end of the show's end theme (ala HB "Rainbow" ID)

Availability: Appears on some Cartoon Network shows on occasion.

Scare Factor: Median, due to the scary font of the logo

1st Logo

Nickname: "Gold R-S"

Logo: 2 gold bars fly from the left and right of the black screen, join together, zoom back, and reveal a stylized "RS" that shines gold and white at different times. When the logo stops, the words "RUBY-SPEARS ENTERPRISES" appears under in an italic, futuristic, blocky font.


  • The logo fades out to make room for the next phrase "A Division of The Taft Entertainment Company" in 1981.
  • The latter text is seen below the logo from 1982-1988, after the logo flashes.
  • As part of the elimination of Taft bylines, the 1981 variation would sometimes be played in slow motion over the regular-speed music to keep the second screen from appearing.

FX: The bars joining, the zoom-out

Music: A "whoosh" accompanied by a dreamy synthesized sound effect that has a kind of "shining" effect.

Availability: Can be seen on some Cartoon Network programs. Also seen recently on BKN's rebroadcasts of "Rambo".

Scare Factor: Minimal, the cheesy effects and music are considered comforting.

2nd Logo

Logo: Over a spotlight, we see a big flash of light, revealing the company name "RUBY-SPEARS PRODUCTIONS" opposite another company by the name of "ASHI PRODUCTIONS, LTD."

FX: The flashing light.

Music: Generic fanfare.

Availability: Rare, seen only on "Skysurfer Strike Force".

Scare Factor: Minimal.

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