Carolco Pictures

Written and Compiled by Matt Williams

Before we begin:
I have conflicting opinions on how much Artisan has had to do with this company. Their website has said that they own the Carolco film library-but I've heard elsewhere that France-based Canal+ owns the library/assets, something indicated by the presence of a Canal+ copyright on Artisan's Terminator 2:Ultimate Edition DVD. However, since Artisan is in charge of releasing Carolco films, and that they have always had some sort of relationship with the company even in their Live and IVE days, I'm including it as an Artisan company.

1st Logo

Logo: On a black background, two diagonal streaks come zooming in from the bottom left and upper right of the screen, merging together to form the logo. When the two streaks come to a near-halt, the image flashes to reveal a multi-curved "C", with "added depth" to the upper right of the chrome design. The company name "CAROLCO" flashes in underneath, as the logo shines.

SFX: The streaking and flashing.

Cheesy Factor: Well, the streaking and flashing really seems very 1980s. Also, the shine looks very out of sync, if that is possible.

Music: This logo features a synthesized score. This too seems very '80s as well.

Availability: The only film that we know of as of right now to have this logo was the first Rambo adventure "First Blood". Other than that, it's considered Extremely Rare!

Scare Factor: All that flashing has to get to somebody, but otherwise harmless.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "Space Streaks"

Logo: On a dark space background, a streak comes forward from the screen, zooming back to form a glowing blue curved "C" design. Another streak zooms out to form even more curves around the C, and when the last streak zooms out, the logo flashes and turns into a chrome 3D design, with "added depth" to the upper left of the finished C design. "CAROLCO" flashes in underneath.

SFX: The streaking and flashing.

Cheesy Factor: Well, the streaking and flashing really seems 80s. Also, the logo seems really cheap, the chrome effect looks dated and bad, the logo (especially the text) looks very dark when finished, and at least on "Angel Heart", has horrible film quality.

Music: Here's where it gets iffy. "Rambo: First Blood Part II" and "Angel Heart: use the popular music based on the First Blood music (that is subsequently used in logo 2), but "Extreme Prejudice" is said to use an unrelated, earlier synthesized score.

Availability: The three movies that are confirmed to use this logo are "Angel Heart", "Rambo: First Blood Part II", and "Extreme Prejudice". However, Rambo: FBP2, at least on the current Artisan tapes, has the second logo plastered on there. Therefore, look for IVE and Live Home Video releases of these movies wherever possible.

Scare Factor: All that flashing has to get to somebody, but otherwise harmless. The First Blood music doesn't mix well with the logo, however.

3rd Logo

Nickname: "Laser Light"

Logo: On a black background, a small blue beam draws out arcs in laser. As the blue laser draws out more, we see blue light illuminating what's below the blue laser, a 3d maze-like "C" object. As the blue light completes, the objects rotates towards us to face us. When the blue laser completes its journey, a white "wind tunnel" effect occurs, and when it ends, another gray "shadow" of the C maze is drawn out to the right of the logo. "CAROLCO" zooms out from the bottom, and shines.

Variant: Carolco Home Video used this logo, but cheaply plastered "HOME VIDEO" below "CAROLCO" in this logo.

SFX: The "laser light", pretty good CGI effects-the style and tone is reminiscent of MGM/UA Communications' logo, which is definitely not a bad thing.

Music: A suspenseful string tune following into a loud orchestral sounder. This music is a variation of the Rambo: First Blood theme composed by Jerry Goldsmith.

Availability: On several big-budget blockbusters like "Basic Instinct", "Total Recall", the Rambo movies, and of course, Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Originally went through TriStar for releases; this logo is kept on video releases of these movies while TriStar's logo is cut.

Scare Factor: The quiet music going loud may get on some nerves, but this is a favorite.

Orbis Communications

Logo: We see a picture of an atom, which spins clockwise. The atom zooms in, and then the picture flashes. Two rings appear, one of them partially cut at the side. (They also represent the initials "OC") The two rings rotate to the left of the screen, where the words "ORBIS COMMUNICATIONS" slide in from the side of the rings. "A CAROLCO PICTURES COMPANY" is seen below.

SFX: The spinning atom, bright flash and name slide-in.

Music: A high synthesized keyboard fanfare, with wind-type sounds in the BG.

Availability: Rare. Appeared on various syndicated programs, including "The Spiral Zone." The 1990 "The Joker's Wild" and 1991's "$100,000 Pyramid" revivals are also sources. But outside of tape trading, is long gone.

Scare Factor: Minimum