Compiled by James Fabiano and Matt Williams

1st Logo
(Early 80s-1987)

Nicknames: "Cheesy V", "Christmas Lights"

Logo: The screen fills with red and white stripes which are cut on the sides (downwards) and in the middle (upwards) by blue laser-like lights. The stripes now form a "V" shape against a red background. The "V" flashes blue, then backs up where it is "shadowed" by a lighter "V" appearing next to it. Four red lights shine in all but the lower right corner of the original "V," and the lower right of the "shadow." Above the letter, the blue light spells out "VESTRON" in white letters, and that shrinks to fit the word "VIDEO" which appears next to it.

Cheesy Factor/SFX: Very '80s computer animations of the stripes appearing and forming the "V." The forming of "VESTRON VIDEO" looks really cheap. And the lights on the "V" look like red Christmas lights.

Music: Synthesized tones you may have heard on many '80s TV news programs, accompanied by laser zaps and more synthesized notes.

Availability: Vestron video releases of the time. This includes "Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Lord of the Rings"

Scare Factor: Median, the cheap effects and music might sound ominous.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "The Red Circle/V"

Logo: On a black background, a small red sphere zooms into view. Zooming towards the red sphere are several silver lines, forming a silver "V/Triangle" on the sphere. The sphere settles near the top of the screen. Zooming in below it are the words "VESTRON VIDEO" in a futuristic font resembling that used on the title of the 80s cartoon show "Transformers".

Text Variants: Vestron adapted this same logo for its movie and television businesses. The only differences are that "PICTURES" or "TELEVISION" replaced "VIDEO".

SFX: The sphere zooming in, the lines, and the zoom-in of the letters. All in all, this logo has exceptional animation and looks very professional.

Music: A chord followed by a few notes of piano and then finally a French horn-type sounder. They also had another fanfare later in the fun that did not fit in at all.

Availability: Very hard to find, though any one of the three variations may show up on TV from time to time.

Scare Factor: Very professional, very clean. Nothing to worry about.