United Artists Television

By Jason Jones

1st Logo

Logo: A superimposed logo, featuring a UA stacked diagonally with the company name across. The logo is bordered inside a transparent TV Tube-like field.

SFX: None, it's a superimposed logo

Music: Usually seen over part of a TV show's theme music.

Availability: Near Extinction, not seen much on syndication.

Scare Factor: Low

2nd Logo

Nickname: "UA Stack"

Logo: It starts with the company name outlined. There are two odd looking shapes in black on the left and right of the logo, which pan towards each other and go to opposite sides of the name, which changes to black. The two shapes pan towards each other once more, making a stop this time to stick them together. The shapes appear as a vertical UA.

In Color: The color version was yellow lettering/UA logo on a blue BG; was on with full animation on My Mother The Car.

A still version (with "Distributed By" on top of the UA Stack) is on early episodes of The Rat Patrol.

SFX: The panning of the UA.

Music: The outro of a TV show's end theme music.

Availability: Last seen on TV's "The Patty Duke Show" and "The Outer Limits" on cable TV.

Scare Factor: Low

3rd Logo

Logo: This is an alternate TV logo for some of United Artists' co-productions. It is a simplified UA ident; both letters are the same shape, going upside down.

SFX: None, it's a in-credit logo

Music: Outro of a TV show's end theme.

Availability: Can be found on episodes of "Gilligan's Island" and "The Fugitive".

Scare Factor: Low

4th Logo

Logo: We see the words "United Artists Television" appearing inside a circular field. The words "A Transamerica Company" is seen in small letters underneath. The U and the A are somewhat taller than the rest of the company name, and they overlap each other.

SFX: None, it's a still logo

Music: Outro of a TV show's end theme.

Availability: Near extinction. Still on later second and most third season Rat Patrol episodes;a plastered version with music once existed on syndicated Gilligan's Island episodes replacing the in-credit Gladasya-UATV/CBS cards

Scare Factor: Low

5th Logo

Nickname: "The Transamerica T"

Logo: It starts with two sets of blue lines going into place, altogether. One set turns to the left, the other turns to the right. There are six lines altogether, revealing the logo of Transamerica Corporation, United Artists' former owner. The logo zooms out to the side to make room for the company name.

Byline: The name was referred to as "United Artists Television, Entertainment from Transamerica Corporation" during this time.

Cheesy Factor/SFX: The stacking of the lines.

Music: The outro of a TV show's end theme.

Availability: Extremely Rare. Last seen on "Gilligan's Island", currently on TBS.

Scare Factor: Same as movie version.

6th Logo

Nickname: "The Transamerica T"

Logo: This one is similar to it's previous logo. The remodified name fades in, and the "Transamerica T" fades in along with the shortened phrase "A Transamerica Company".

SFX: The fade-in

Music: None.

Availability: This is extremely rare and was last seen on syndicated broadcasts of big name motion pictures back in the early 1980s. This was plastered on 2nd generation Gilligan's Island syndication prints;in later years (mainly 1975-82) a still of the standard movie logo was used.

Scare Factor: Again, same as movie version

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