Bing Crosby Productions

Written and Compiled by Adam P. & Sean Beard

1st Logo

Nickname: "The Film Reels"

Logo: The image of two film reels fade into the middle of the screen. Then the words "A" and "Production"* fade into place as Bing Crosby's name writes itself over the reels in a stylized font, not unlike that used for Desilu's, at an angle.
[*in the same angled font as Crosby's name]

Cheesy Factor/FX: The fading in of the reels and part of the logo's wording and the "signing in"

Music: The theme song's end

Availability: This was plastered in the Eighties with the Worldvision logo (Grey Radar Globe on B&W shows,normal version on color shows); this should be reinstated on Ben Casey now that Paramount is remastering the series.

Scare Factor: The "writing-in" might unnerve some but this is NOTHING compared with what followed...

2nd Logo
(1964-Early 70's)

Nicknames: "BCP", "The Crashing Cars"

Logo: On a sky blue background, a very thin black line moves almost halfway across the screen and then flips downward, revealing a yellow capital "B" in a black parallelogram. By the time the "B" is fully revealed, a second line flips downward, which reveals a red capital "C" in an orange parallelogram. When the "C" is fully revealed, a third line flips downward, revealing a light blue capital "P" in a dark blue parallelogram. By the time all three parallelograms are in their places, the words "BING CROSBY PRODUCTIONS" appear underneath in a blocky white font.


  • The B/W rendition of this logo featured the company name sliding in place, in the form of two lines colliding on top of each other.
  • A few theatrical features from Bing Crosby Productions had a static rendition of this logo. We see the BCP logo already formed and the text "A Service of Cox Broadcasting Corporation" underneath, and the word PRESENTS fades in over the BCP logo.

FX/Cheesy Factor: The lines flipping downward, forming parallelograms.

Music: A very loud and dramatic fanfare, having a short and long version, with the short one being more common.

Availability: This logo is intact on "Hogan's Heroes" reruns on TV Land.

Scare Factor: High, the combination of primitive animation and very dramatic music has caused more than a few scares.

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