Glen A. Larson Productions
Written and Compiled by Adam P and Nicholas Aczel

1st Logo

Nickname: "
Gold GL"

Logo: On a dark blue background, long gold light streaks travel from all sides of the screen, crossing each other in a spot on the upper left hand side. When the light streaks connect with each other, there are a few visible sparkles. The light streaks form a round square-like shape. The shape flashes brightly as two more streaks (which come from the top and left sides of the screen) go through it. The flash reveals a shining gold capital "G" (outlined in white) with an "L" crossing through the bottom part of it. At the same time, white text appears to the right that says "A GLEN LARSON PRODUCTION". Then more text appears underneath that says "IN ASSOCIATION WITH".

FX/Cheesy Factor: The gold light streaks, sparkles, flashing letters.

Music: A dramatic orchestral score.

Availability: Seen at the end of "Automan" and "Manimal" reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel. This logo was also at the end of "Knight Rider" and "The Fall Guy".

Scare Factor: Median, because of the dramatic music and flashing effects.

2nd Logo
(used throughout the 90s primarily)

Logo: On a black background, a gold dot appears in the center of the screen and sketches the word glen in a cursive font. The gold text "GLEN A LARSON ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK, INC." fades in below.

FX: The CGI glen sketching.

Music: Same as Logo #1.

Availability: Uncommon, can be seen on "NightMan" when rerun on WGN.

Scare Factor: Low to moderate because of the music.

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