Procter and Gamble Productions

By David R. Jackson

1st Logo
(Used on Another World, more variations will come soon)

Logo: Superimposed logo, consisting of the words A PRESENTATION OF PROCTER AND GAMBLE PRODUCTIONS in Lydian font, centered inside a wreath of interlocking circles (in the same motif as the open to the show in that period).

FX: None, it's superimposed

Music: The Another World closing theme

Availability: Was only used in the end credits of Another World, when they bothered to run them, from at least the mid-1970s to 1981.

Scare Factor: Low; if the Another World "kaleidoscope wreath" open bothered you, this may be scary as well, but being superimposed, it's fairly tame.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "PGP"

Logo: A group of multifaceted rays in varying shades of blue rises up from bottom screen. The rays form a monolith with a bright, shiny back face, which pans backward (and slightly downward), rotates to face forward, then stops. The rays then pull back to form the letters "PGP" in a lined font, and letters shine in a "flash". After that, the words "PROCTER & GAMBLE PRODUCTIONS, INC." (in white Avant Garde font) appear below the "PGP", and are bordered top and bottom by two blue lines (same color as the PGP) which form left to right and right to left, respectively.

FX: The blue rays, "blooming of light" effect, but was very good quality CGI (for 1986, anyway).

Music: A light, jaunty synth tune, consisting of 2 descending bars of 6 notes, then a last bar of 8 notes, then a 4 note sounder as the last bass chord fades away (i.e. just after the rays in the PGP pull back). However, CBS in August 1999 replaced the electronic music with generic network promo music. The generic music has a quiet synthesizer and piano piece (d-f#-a-e'-d'). The music accompanying the As The World Turns version of the short PGP is a string-dominated pseudo-symphonic waltz (la-di-dah, di-dah, di-dahhh).

(Note: The most common version just shows the flash and everything after, with the 4-note sounder as the music, which has a note sequence of a-f#-d-g.)

This logo made its first end credit appearances on the following Procter and Gamble shows around the following dates:

  1. Another World: Feb. 14, 1985
  2. As The World Turns: Fall 1985
  3. Search for Tomorrow: Feb. 26, 1986
  4. Guiding Light: Fall 1986.

Availability: Found on episodes of Procter & Gamble soaps since about 1986, and on programs co-produced by P&G (such as Dawson's Creek). The long version is usually only used on soaps and is a fairly uncommon find.

Scare Factor: The short version would be low, but the long version might be a bit higher, the synth theme is pretty friendly, but the dramatics of the long version may get to some.

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