Alan Landsburg Productions/Reeves Entertainment Group

Compiled by James Fabiano, James Stanley Barr and Matt Williams

1st Logo
(Mid 70s-1981)

Nickname: "Director's Block"

Logo: Over a black BG, we see a director's slate. 5 arrows facing to the right appear on screen on segment at a time. The top half of the slate then rises, and rapidly drops down and hits the bottom half. This changes the top half into the words


The top half of the slate rises again, then drops down once more. This causes the bottom half to change into the word "PRODUCTIONS". Another slate pops in on top of the words in traffic arrow fashion.

FX: The dropping slate, the changing words.

Cheesy Factor: The animation looks very hideous, the fonts are outdated, the film and animation quality are quite poor, and the logo itself resembles title effects used on 70s adult and B-movies.

Music: The sound effects of a camera shutter as the segmented lines appear, followed by a clapperboard sound during the respective action. The end of a theme song is sometimes heard on some programs.

Availability: Rare. Can be found on "In Search of..." on The History Channel.

Scare Factor: Minimum

2nd Logo

Nickname: "ALP"

Logo: On a black background is a stylized blue "ALP" similar to the font seen in the Reeves Entertainment "REG" logo. Then it is blacked out, revealing behind it:

Alan Landsburg
A Reeves Communication Company

FX: Logo revealing the text behind it.

Variations: This logo was superimposed on 1981-1983 episodes of "Gimme a Break." An alternate version featured the usual logo animation, except that the Reeves byline popped in a second later. This appears on "Jaws 3."

Cheesy Factor: The sliding away of the logo and the revealing of the text looks kind of uninspired.

Music: A very 1980s stinger, with overcomposed synthesizers.

Availability: Can be seen on episodes of "That's Incredible," "Gimme A Break," "Kate & Allie" and "In Search of ..."

Scare Factor: Low

1st Logo

Nickname: "REG"

Logo: On the left, is a stylized REG, similar to the ALP in logo #2. To the right, in the same font as "Alan Landsburg Productions" in logo #2, is Reeves Entertainment Group, A Reeves Communications Company.


  • On Gimme A Break, this logo lasted for a few seconds and cut to a copyright notice for Alan Landsburg Productions, followed by the 1974-90 MCA-TV logo.
  • On "Kate and Allie" from 1984-86, instead of the music, the outro of the series' closing credits played over the logo.

FX: None, it's a still logo

Music: Same as Logo #2.

Availability: Can be seen on episodes of "Gimme A Break" from 1983-86, and Kate and Allie episodes on Oxygen.

Scare Factor: Low.

2nd Logo

Nicknames: "REG", "Day-Glo Reeves"

Logo: A stylized blue "R," which is decorated with vertical black stripes on its left side shines against a black background before backing away a bit. A similar "E" slides out from the right of the "R." It shines, the logo backs away, and then a "G" comes out of the right of the "E," shines, and completes the logo. When it stops, the words "Reeves Entertainment Group" appear underneath, and under that appears "A Reeves Communication Company."

Variant: On Wild and Crazy Kids (shown on Nickelodeon until the late 90s), there is another chyroned line under the "A Reeves Communication Company" line, which has a copyright date (1990/1991) under it. Also on this show, the music had some kind of laugh to it, might have still been part of the end theme.

FX: Letters shining and coming out of letters.

Cheesy Factor: The second line of text looks like chyron tacked onto the logo. Animation is also simple '80s stuff.

Music: A light, 5 note synthesized tune or the end of the show's theme song.

Availability: This logo is usually intact, and can be seen on "Gimme a Break" and "Kate And Allie" reruns and all other shows by Reeves in the 80s when reran.

Scare Factor: Low

3rd Logo

Nicknames: "Drama Faces", "The Thames Logo" , "The Comedy/Drama Masks"

Logo: On a black BG, we see a smiling drama face, that moves up towards the top of the screen, followed by one of those sad drama faces. Underneath the faces, several shards come together to form a blue triangle, and the black BG has turned to a very, very dark gray. The words "REEVES ENTERTAINMENT" fade in at the triangle's tip, and "A Thames Television Company" appears below that.

FX: The moving drama faces, the shards

Cheesy Factor: At least on "Doctor, Doctor", this logo seems sped-up, but otherwise fine.

Music: A warm, four-note synth theme which was also used at the end of the 1st logo's run.

Availability: "Home", "What Would You Do?", and "Doctor Doctor" are the only shows known to have this logo. Of these three, only "Doctor, Doctor" has been reran on a regular basis in the past few years, on the USA network, but is not shown currently. On the USA reruns, the logo survives (A weird fact: after this logo is seen on that show, what should appear but the infamous Columbia-Tristar "Boxes Of Boredom"!! And it's not replacing the logo! WEIRD.)

Scare Factor: The drama faces look creepy, but everything else seems fine.

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