Vin De Bona Productions

Compiled by John Montagnino and Cameron McCaffrey

1st Logo

Nickname: "The Spinning Handwriting"

Logo: On a blue background, the text "Vin di Bona", in Vin di Bona's Handwriting in gold, spins around for
a second. Then it extends out to reveal the text "Vin Di Bona". After this is done a pink rounded rectangle 
with the text "PRODUCTIONS" in it zooms in.

FX: The text spinning, The PRODUCTIONS graphic zooming in. 
Cheesy Factor: Early CGI

Music: A creepy synth tune that tries to sound "happy."

Availability: Not too hard to find. Can currently be found on reruns of 1990-1996 episodes of "America's
Funniest Home Videos" on PAX and "America's Funniest People" on TBS.
Scare Factor: Median to high, the creepy synth music and dated CGI will scare more than a few.

2nd Logo
Nickname: "The Spinning Handwritng 2"

Logo: Basically a slow version of Logo 1,  except the background is now a curtain, and the word
"Productions" is moved next to the Vin Di Bona text, and animates similar to the script.

FX: Same as Logo 1, except the spinning handwriting is slower, and
"Productions" extends out along with the Vin Di Bona Text.

Music: Same as Logo 1

Availability: Seen on AFV with Tom Bergeron on ABC, as well as reruns of
AFHV with Bob Saget in syndication and on ABC Family.

Scare Factor: Same as Logo 1

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