Cinerama Releasing Corporation

By Kris Starring


Nickname: "The Spinning C," "Rainbow C"

Logo: In the center of a black screen, we see some multicolored layers in an arc wiping onto the screen and spinning around. As this happens, a thick blue arc fitted with the layers wipes on forming a "C" shaped logo. The logo zooms out to the left and stops spinning. Finally, the words "CINERAMA RELEASING CORPORATION" zoom up within the opening of the C, and spread outside towards the right. The word "FROM" appears to left of the C.

Variant: There is a variation of this logo where the words in a thicker font and are italicized.

SFX: It's all cel animation.

Cheesy Factor: The colors are gawdy, and the animation of the words is very tacky.

Music: A bombastic brass fanfare.

Availability: A pretty tough find. Assumed to still be on ABC Pictures International films such as "Too Late The Hero." However, it was still intact on a VHS of the 1969 Woody Allen comedy "Take The Money And Run."

Scare Factor: High, the black background, gawdy colors and the presence of a sudden, bombastic brass score can get to more than a few.