DreamWorks SKG

Written and Compiled by Matt Williams

The initials SKG consists of the founders of DreamWorks... Stephen Speilberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen.


Nicknames: "Boy on the Moon", "Fisher Boy"

Logo: On a dreamy, cloud background, we see a lake, and a fishing reel cast down, making a puddle in the lake. Panning up, we see that the reel is coming from a boy, sitting on the moon (in crescent form), fishing. A letter "D" forms behind the kid, and the camera begins to move past the kid, revealing the rest of the word it's part of, "DREAM". Clouds move by, obscuring the rest of the word, and when they clear, we see the word "DREAMWORKS" zooming out, with the "D" and the "W" a bit bigger than the rest of the letters, over a set of clouds. As the logo completes, two lines with "SKG" in the middle fade in, and the logo takes its place at the bottom of the screen.

Variations: Two, this logo was adapted to make use of the various mediums this was used in:

  • TV: The logo is cut down to only the last second or so of the animation, with the logo zooming out, this includes the boy on moon in the upper center of the clouds. A different, softer horn sounder is used. Seen on "Spin City".
  • Home Video/DVD: Same logo, with music, but the "SKG" part is edited out in favor of a complete line with "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" underneath.

SFX: The kid on the moon, pretty good 2D animation.

Music: This wins the "Carolco Award For Best Movie Logo Theme". It begins with the plucking of a soft string instrument, then builds into a stunningly perfect horn fanfare, then culminating with the guitar again. Very, VERY nice, and very popular as a result. This logo was composed by John Williams, composer of NBC News' popular theme, "The Mission", the 1980 arrangement of the Fox fanfare, and some film called Star Wars.

Availability: On almost every film DreamWorks makes (I say almost because DreamWorks co-produced Cast Away; however, only the Fox and ImageMovers logos appear on the film) Sadly, the music is not used on every film, although it is extensively used on the Home Entertainment logo, so it isn't a total loss.

Scare Factor: Absolutely none, this is a very popular logo.