ABC Films

Compiled by Jason Jones

1st (Known) Logo (1960s)

History: Allegedly seen on U.S. episodes of "The 8th Man"

Logo: The standard ABC circle logo (with the letters in lowercase inside a circle, no doubt) and another circle with the word "Films" in the similar logo type font, layered horizontally between a wavy design around both circles.

FX: unknown

Music: unkown

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: unavailable

2nd Logo (Late 1960s-Early 1970s)

History: Appeared on most ABC network programs that were in syndication at the time, as well as the Harveytoon and "Beany & Cecil" cartoon collections.

Logo: On a blue background, accompanied by a steady xylophone rhythm, the words "Distributed by" in a brush font is drawn on the screen. The xylophone is gradually increased with the words "ABC FILMS" in a news style font fades into view. Finally, the standard ABC circle logo appears to the left of the "ABC FILMS" to the accompanyment of a string "stinger" at the end.

FX: The drawn text; fading company name.

Music: The xylophone/string composition.

Availability: Extinct. Not even "Let's Make a Deal" (1971-1976 syndicated version) had this logo in their credit scroll.

Scare Factor: unavailable

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