Desilu Productions

By Jeffrey Gray

1st Logo

Background: Desilu is a production company that was owned by DESI Arnaz and LUcille Ball, producing shows and films the 50s & 60s.

Logo: Over a specialty backdrop, we see the words "Filmed in Hollywood by".  The word "Desilu" is written in a cursive font. Then, a round ball dots the "i".  The copyright information appears at the bottom. This phrase was shortened to "Filmed by DESILU" in 1959.

FX: "drawing effect"

Cheesy Factor: Animation was very primitive.

Music: Music played during the end of the show.

Availability: Found superimposed on shows like I Love Lucy, and The Untouchables (1950s Version)

Scare Factor: Not all that scary.

2nd Logo 
(1966-December 1967)

Nicknames: "Merging Cicles", "Multi-Colored Circles", "Color Desilu Logo"

Logo: On a black background six multicolored (
red, pink, and orange) circles surround a white one and then merge together with it to form a blue circle, which backs away upward as the word "Desilu" is written in a yellow cursive font. As the circle takes its place over the "i," it turns white. Sometimes the logo will have the Paramount copyright information at the bottom.


FX: The circles merging in a kaleidoscope fashion, moving, and changing colors, the "drawing" effect.

Cheesy Factor: Animation was very primitive.

Music: A four-note horn fanfare; starts on a light note as the circle forms. Sometimes fast.

Music Variations: 1967-68 season episodes of "Mission: Impossible" episodes had a battling loud rendition of the fanfare.

Availability: Uncommon. Sometimes can be seen on Star Trek reruns on Sci-Fi; also appears on some Mission: Impossible episodes when FX decides to show them. Also intact on early episodes of Mannix, as well as The Lucy Show.  When Star Trek is shown on Canada's Space: The Imagination Station, this logo is presumably kept with the Paramount copyright while Paramount's logo is cut.

Scare Factor: The fanfare might scare some. Althought the "Mission: Impossible" "bump" music (used on some 1966 season eps) was funny to this logo.

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