Compiled by Jason Jones, Kris Starring and Jeffrey Gray

1st (known) logo

Nickname: "KWP"

Logo: We see an abstract crown motif zooming in. Then two letters, a K and a P, lock in between the crown from left and right of the screen. The crown evolves into a W, as the company name "King World Productions" fades in.

FX/Cheesy Factor: The joining of the three initials.

Music: None, although some shows might end with their own music outro.

Availability: Is hard to find, as was mostly seen on "The Little Rascals" and other programs from the early '80s.

Scare Factor: Minimal

2nd Logo

Nickname: "Stars and Stripes"

Logo: Over a purplish background with lots of stars, we see tons of skinny light rays in shades of blue and green coming from a source of light in the center. All at the same time, a blue star zooms up while "KINGWORLD" (in a similar color to the star) zooms out. The star moves inside with the "W" and a set of 3 similarly-colored bars form under "KINGWORLD", positioned prefectly with the ends of text.

FX: The star joining the King World name, then the bars going into place.

Music: A generic orchestrated fanfare sounding almost similar to the Ruby-Spears jingle.

Availability: Near Extinction. Could be found on some local TV broadcasts of classic TV shows.

Scare Factor: Minimal

3rd Logo

Nickname: "Spotlights"

Logo: On a backdrop of vertical bars that resemble a doorway (the bars are in this order, for each side, 4 brown, one red, and gradiants of blue resembling the "door") we see "KINGWORLD" in silver, on the center of the screen. Below the "KINGWORLD" text are 2 sets of 3 silver bars that switch sides and at the same time, a silver triangle rotates itself from the bottom and fits between the 2 sets of lines. Between the 2 lines are a space formed with help from the "W" and triangle that resembles a star. Then, quickly, a white star flashes in this space, and fades out.

FX/Cheesy Factor: The spotlights.

Music: A synth fanfare

Availability: It appeared on "Jeopardy!" and "Wheel of Fortune," but the Game Show Network replaces the logo with the Columbia TriStar logo.

Scare Factor: None

4th Logo

Nickname: "Star-Shooter"

Logo: A modified rendition of logos 2 and 3. Over a golden sunset backdrop of clouds, the King World name, in blue letters, scans through the sky. As it pans backward, a shooting star glides by the logo, revealing a paintbrushed mark and a star shape in the center. The sun shines from behind the logo. Either "Distributed By", "Produced By", or "Distributed and Produced By" appears above KingWorld.

FX: The shooting star.

Music: A thunder-clasping sound.

Availability: Fairly common, can be seen on lots of syndicated shows, including "Jeopardy", "Wheel of Fortune", "Oprah", and most CBS-produced shows in syndication.

Scare Factor: None.

Camelot Entertainment Sales

Background: Camelot Entertainment Sales was the short-lived sales division of KingWorld.

Logo: We see a city skyline at dusk. The giant pink word "CAMELOT" zooms up from behind the buildings, followed by the words "ENTERTAINMENT SALES" in a smaller typeface.

FX/Cheesy Factor: The zooming words, which are simple 2D animation.

Music: The same synth fanfare used in KingWorld's "Spotlights" logo.

Availability: Extinct, this logo wasn't widely seen to begin with. So far, the only known appearance of this logo was on Claster's short-lived New Pink Panther series (the one where he could talk) from the mid-90's.

Scare Factor: Low. Some could be put off by the logo's cheapness though.

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