Compiled by Eric Hartman, Jason Jones, James Fabiano, Cameron McCaffrey, and Matt Williams

1st Logo

Nicknames: "Pinball Music", "A Viacom Presentation", "V-IA-COM"

Logo: This logo had the syllables in the word "Viacom" coming in, syllable-by-syllable, from the right, with the background changing color. As the screen fades to purple, the V slides in. Then the IA slides in, changing the background to green. Then the COM slides in, changing the background to red. When the word "VIACOM" is formed, the camera pans outward and the words "A" and "PRESENTATION" are seen to the left and right of the word "Viacom", over a blue background. The logo had a font similar to the one on the "Mary Tyler Moore" logo (called "Peignot") with white lettering.

Quality Control: One version of the logo replaces the red background with black. Could possibly be because of film quality, however. Other sources would have this logo completely out of sync with the sound effects.

Cheesy Factor/FX: Animation was very rough, primitive keyboard music, the changing backgrounds.

Music: Consists of four synthesized ascending pinball-like chimes, also kind of sounds like the sound effects you hear on some news programs. The first three bring up the syllables to "Viacom," and the last, which plays over the zoom-out, has a zap-like "WHOOSH" that blends in with the last bell.

Availability: Pretty much gone, the shows have had other syndicators or have been updated with the 2nd or other logos. However, it has turned up on at least 5-10 color episodes of "My Three Sons" on The Hallmark Channel. Supposedly these include episodes last seen on Nick at Nite around 1988-90.

Scare Factor: Median, it has scared some by its cheesy animation, fast pace, "zoom out", and primitive music. But compared to the 2nd logo, it's nothing.

2nd Logo

Nicknames: "Creepy V of Death", "The Purple V (Of Doom), "V of Doom," "Killer V," etc.

Logo: On a sky blue background, the words "A Viacom Presentation" zooms in from the center of the screen at a very fast pace. Then, a fancy-cut, purple "V" comes from the center and moves gradually closer and closer to the screen, with the "V" ending up taking nearly the entire screen.


  • A network television version usually had the V and the name "Viacom" zooming in together, more on this later.
  • There are videotaped and filmed versions of this logo. The latter usually appears on black and white programs, and has a film-like appearance to it
  • There is an uncommon variation that has a much sped up logo and music.

Note: There actually IS a variation of the logo with the pinball music from the first logo. It was recently sighted on a Megamix tape.

FX/Cheesy Factor: Off the charts, the logo looks like it's a purple piece of cardboard being zoomed up, and that music, was the composer in a hurry and in a bad mood that day?

Music: Had a 5-note synthesized tune with a timpani drum cresending throughout. Even after the logo faded to black, the timpani's echo can still be heard.

Availability: Most shows that had this ID usually have been updated with the current Paramount ID. It might be seen on local stations that show older Viacom shows like The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle USMC. Also, the filmed version of the logo is on the 1970-71 season finale of "My Three Sons" on Hallmark. Is also seen at the end of most Cannon episodes shown on TV Land Canada.

Scare Factor: Nightmare, the music and "V" jarring on the screen had been a source of bad dreams and nightmares for many. The audio quality is also poor. One of the scariest logos ever created.

3rd Logo

Nicknames: "Giant Silver V", "Silver V", "Rotating Silver V", "V of Steel"

Logo: We start out with a screen, divided half purple on top and half silver on the bottom. The silver part then rotates counter-clockwise (ala CBS-FOX) and a fancy-cut V (same design as V of Doom in 2nd logo) appears. The word "Viacom" is seen under the V and the V shines.

FX: The rotating V, the V "shining".

Music: Had pin drops with a sound similar to the opening sound on the THX sound system ID.

Availability: Appears on Father Dowling Mysteries on PAX, but at warp speed. Also shows up on '80s prints of other shows such as "Beverly Hillbillies" and "We Love Lucy" on local TV.

Scare Factor: Minimal, The "THX-like" sound might have scared a few here and there, but it's mainly harmless.

4th Logo

Nicknames: "Wigga-Wigga", "\/|/\CO/\/\"

Logo: On a shaded blue background, a silver "V" flies from the bottom left and then backwards. As it does so, a zig-zag line comes out of it to form the other letters in the name, with the "A" and "M" still taking the form of zig-zags. The completed logo shines, as a voiceover says the company name "Viacom." 


  • Many think the announcer is mispronouncing the word Viacom. It is indeed long "i", like in "enterprises"
  • Two alternate versions of the logo include a shorter version where the announcer cuts in earlier, and one with different music that sounds like it is played on a flute. The flute music was heard on syndicated prints of The Cosby Show
  • There is a text variation on this logo for Viacom Productions. It has the "Viacom" text already formed, but "PRODUCTIONS" zooms in from the right.

FX: The coiled line turning into "\/|/\CO/\/\"

Cheesy Factor: The other letters in the logo seem to fall out of the zig-zags rather than the zig-zags just turning into them.

Music: In most cases, had new age-type synthesized music. Had telephone-like sounds when the curled-up line uncurled. Otherwise it would have the flute tune as described above.

Availability: Can still be seen on the many shows syndicated by Viacom, but mainly on old cable prints. This logo is being phased out with the current Paramount ID or the current ID.

Scare Factor: Minimal, some might be caught off-guard by dramatics.

5th Logo

Note: By 1999, Viacom was a production company only, relinquishing its distribution duties to Paramount Television. That year, they recieved a new logo to reflect the company's new status. Alas, this logo was to be Viacom's last; the production unit was absorbed into Paramount Television as well in 2004. Though, the Viacom name will continue to live on as the owner of Paramount and CBS, but nothing more.

Nickname: "VIACOM 2000"

Logo: This one has the letters in front of each other spreading out into place. The background is full of those "wavy-line" letters. The company is referred to as "Viacom Productions, A Paramount Company" with the Paramount byline in its majestic cursive logo font.

FX: Letters spreading out

Cheesy Factor: This might be a gripe, but why is Viacom "A Paramount Company" when most Paramount logos are listed as being "A Viacom Company"?

Music: A windchime-like sound effect mixed with an explosion, then a high, robotic voice says "Viacom"

Availability: Can be seen on any show produced by Viacom from 1999-2004, "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" is one.

Scare Factor: Low.

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