Sony Pictures Television

Compiled by James Fabiano

1st Logo

Nickname: "The Shining Bars"

What Is This?: In late 2002, Sony Pictures Entertainment decided to retire the Columbia name and logo from its television division-- renaming it "Sony Pictures Television". For the first time since 1975, the Torch Lady or anything resembling Columbia's symbol is nowhere to be seen; instead, the corporate logo for Sony Pictures was introduced to television viewers for the first time. It is widely expected that the Sony Pictures logo will spread to Movies and Home Entertainment in the next few years, retiring the torch lady for good.

Logo: Against a lined background, the words "SONY PICTURES TELEVISION" (all in the Sony "font" and stacked word by word with "SONY" being largest) emerge and downwardly zoom away from the screen. The three words aren’t directly stacked at first, but as the animation progresses, they slide into place. A horizontal line is drawn below “PICTURES” and above “TELEVISION”. While this happens, a flash of light appears on the left side of the screen, and the lines in the background themselves back away as well, eventually moving back to the upper part of the screen and into a diagonal pattern to form the logo. The flash dissipates and we see an oblong orange-white glare surrounding the logo and words, which shrinks into the bars to give it a shine. The finished logo appears against a shaded blue background.

Variation: There are two distinct versions of this logo, a short version and a long version. Both are generally the same, except the longer version features an extreme close-up of the “stacked” letters at the beginning of the animation, and a longer shot of the finished logo. A very short version of the logo has been seen where the animation starts from where the third-to-last note of the theme plays.

FX: Words flying down, bars zooming back and "tilting," the white flash and glare shrinking into the bars. Nice CGI effects.

Music: A majestic, five-note theme that is fully orchestrated and sounds sort of like a combination between the TriStar Television theme of 1993 and the Universal Television theme of 1975-1991. The long version has a “twittering” noise before the main fanfare, and the last note is held much longer, but both versions have essentially the same music. A very short version of the theme, where only the last three notes are played, has also been heard.

Availability: Is quickly becoming more and more common. The short one is seen on most shows, the longer version shows up on some first-run syndication shows, and still another version-- with the Boxes of Boredom music-- shows up from time to time, but is considered very rare. Unlike its hated predecessor, this is not being used for logo plastering in many cases; on older shows, it follows the original logo!

Scare Factor: Not scary, and is generally a very nice logo. So far, it has avoided the disdain of its predecessor, chiefly because of the better animation and because this actually signals logo preservation of Sony logos.

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