TriStar Television
Written and Compiled by Nicholas Aczel and Michael Bode

1st Logo

Logo: A violet triangle, with a golden border and the text


stacked on each other, zooms out and plasters itself on a black background, above which the pegasus is seen posed as in the movie logo. The text "TELEVISION" appears below.

FX: The triangle zooming out, the "TELEVISION" appearing.

Cheesy Factor: "TELEVISION" looks very tacked/chyroned on, and the end product of the logo looks very poorly filmed.

Music: The last six notes of the '80s TriStar movie fanfare.

Availability: Near Extinction. Recently appeared on 2-4 episodes of "My Two Dads" on USA, and was also spotted on "Werewolf," but other than that it has been replaced with the Sony Pictures Television logo or the Columbia-Tristar Boxes of Boredom.

Scare Factor: Median, can catch you off guard thanks to the zoom out and sudden fanfare.

2nd Logo

TriStar Television was dissolved into Columbia Pictures Television in late 1987, but was re-established in the fall of 1991.

Logo: On a dark gray background, the company name (same font as the '80s logo, only in CGI and a light silver color) zooms in the center of the screen:


Then the Pegasus (also '80s style) appears sparkling next to "Tri."

FX: The text zooming out and the sparkling of the Pegasus.

Music: None, usually had the show's closing theme ending over it.

Availability: Appeared on "The Edge," "Get a Life," and "The Fifth Corner." Can still be seen on Rhino Home Video's "Get a Life" VHS and DVD.

Scare Factor: None

3rd Logo

Logo: We see the white, winged pegasus posed on the dreamy, sun-lit, cloud-filled sky as in the movie logo. "TRISTAR" appears on the top of the screen in bold, white text, and on the bottom of the screen in smaller text (same font as the '90s CPT logo), "TRISTAR TELEVISION" with the byline "A SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY."

FX: None, this is a still logo.

Music: A 5-note majestic orchestral fanfare with bells.

Availability: It appeared on "Mad About You," "Early Edition," "Malcolm & Eddie," "The Nanny," and "Ned and Stacey" among other shows, but recent broadcasts replace it with the SPT logo.

Scare Factor: Low

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