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Written and Compiled by Donny Pearson

Background: NBC Universal Television is the television production/distribution arm of NBC Universal -- created on May 12, 2004 by the merger of General Electric Company’s NBC and the entertainment division of Vivendi Universal, S.A. -- and was formed though the union of the Universal Studios and NBC production and distribution arms. This was the first time NBC adds the Universal name to its production and distribution arms. For Universal, it’s the second time that its production and distribution arms have a new name, since 1998 when Universal became Studios USA, but now the NBC name was added. All shows in production by either Universal TV, NBC or USA Cable Entertainment changed to the NBC Universal logo.

1st Logo
(Summer 2004-Present)


Over a golden burst of light hovering in space, the text "NBC UNIVERSAL," sandwiched between a circular globe motif with the six-feathered peacock between "NBC" and "UNIVERSAL," slightly zoom out to its familiar distance. One of the several disclaimers fade in below:

  • Television Studio (for network and cable programs)

  • Television Distribution (for first-run syndicated programs and off-network reruns)

  • Television Stations (for local programs produced by and/or for the NBC-owned stations, including live newscast, with or without the copyright for an NBC-owned station.)

  • SFX: The logo zooming out.

    Music: A re-orchestration of the 2nd music plug from 1996 NBC Studios logo.

    Availability: This logo is brand new and has already been put into use as of late July of 2004. Expect to see more of it in the Fall.

    Scare Factor: None.

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