Fred Silverman’s Companies

Written and Compiled by Nicholas Aczel

Fred Silverman’s InterMedia
(early 80s-1987)

What Is This? Not to be confused with a current film distributor also called Intermedia (The Quiet American, Iris, Adaptation), this is Silverman’s original vanity, which changed its name to The Fred Silverman Company in 1987. Since many of Silverman’s shows during this era were not big hits, this logo is very hard to find.

Logo: On a black background, we see big rainbow-colored words “InterMedia” with an underline stretching across and smaller words written below it “Intermedia Entertainment Company”:

Intermedia Entertainment Company

FX: There is no animation.

Cheesy Factor:  Nitpicking maybe, but how hard could it be to make this logo? No animation, no music, it just sits there! Try a bit harder next time.

Music: None, the end theme finished over it.

Availability: Extremely Rare, but survives on the first season of “Matlock.”

Scare Factor: Not that scary, nothing surprising either—the follow-up logo would be just a LITTLE BIT more interesting, though.

The Fred Silverman Company

Logo: On a black background, some stylized pink letters fade in, which are Fred Silverman’s initials “FS” as reflected ala a “mirror” effect in four different directions: left, right, below left, and below right. The words “THE FRED SILVERMAN COMPANY” appear on the logo. The end result approximates this:


FX: Just the logo and words appearing.

Cheesy Factor: Slightly better but that’s not saying much; this logo and its formation SFX are STILL too plain, not to mention quite ugly.

Music: The end theme of a show.

Availability: Intact on “Matlock,” “In The Heat of the Night,” and “Diagnosis Murder” reruns.

Scare Factor: The ugliness combined with dramatic end themes may be a bit of a shock, but nothing nightmare-inducing.


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