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Note: Roundelay was the vanity card of “Knots Landing” creator David Jacobs. In the mid-80s, Michael Filerman joined up and the company became Roundelay-MF Productions.

Logo: Simply the word "Roundelay" in a blue semicircle, with the text "A Roundelay Production In Association With" under it. When Filerman joined in the mid-80s, a white "MF" was added to the logo, centered under the semicircle; and the text below was amended to read "A Roundelay-MF Production In Association With…,” and this is usually followed by the then-current Lorimar logo or a Warner Bros. logo.


Cheesy Factor: The blue lettering and semicircle setup of "Roundelay," and the white "MF" added later when Mike Filerman joined.


Music: Simply the last notes of Knots Landing's closing theme.


Availability: Both logos (Roundelay and Roundelay-MF) appear on “Knots Landing” reruns on Soapnet.


Scare factor: High, because the Roundelay logo was set against a black background, and had an “in association with” disclaimer that preceded a scary Lorimar logo. Usually logos that preceded a black IAW screen garnered a high scare factor. Charles-Burrows-Charles (Cheers), UBU (Family Ties), and JCW (Taxi) were  three examples of this kind of logo; they all led up to the Paramount Television "blue-mountain" logo. This garnered a high scare factor because, in the early years, when it was just Roundelay, it usually led up to Lorimar's "Line of Doom". It mellowed out some towards the end of Knots' run, when it started preceding Lorimar

Television's "gray marble" logo.


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