Lorimar (Home Video/Movies)

Written and Compiled by James Fabiano, Sean Beard and Matt A.

1st Movie ID

Nicknames: "The Yellow/Orange Line of Doom", "Script"

Logo: All the same as the 1978-86 TV version, with "Presents" below or "A LORIMAR Presentation", with the logo animated out in-between "A" and "Presentation"

SFX/Cheesy Factor: Same as the TV version

Music: The same Elliot/Ferguson musical scale was played sometimes. Other times, the logo was silent.

Availability: Pretty rare, the silent version was spotted on a cable showing of "Tank", and the video version of "The Last Starfighter." Warner Bros. used to plaster their logo over this one, but it is hard to tell if this logo will be preserved, due to the low output of films by Lorimar. "Being There" and "An Officer and a Gentleman" were other notable Lorimar titles.

Scare Factor: A little tamer than the TV version, but still moderate. The silence that usually accompanied this logo helped, but with the uncommon use of that music, it could rise a bit.

2nd Movie ID

Nickname: "Sunburst"

Logo: Starts with a yellow flash with a white sunburst in the middle. As the flash fades, the logo slowly comes forward. It consists of the words "LORIMAR" with "MOTION PICTURES" under that. All the words are red with white and blue outlines. Under the "Motion Pictures" is an upside down triangle shape with white lines to give the logo a 3-D look. At the point of the triangle is a half circle shaped space, and as the logo forms the sunburst becomes a little yellow flash of light that moves downward and enters the opening at the logo's bottom. Under the entire logo are the words "A Division of Lorimar-Telepictures."

Another Sunburst?: Because of the usage of lights and flashes, this logo has been compared to the popular Columbia Pictures Television logo of 1975-82, hence its also being called a "sunburst."

SFX: The moving logo and the light joining it.

Music: Silent, usually the movies opening song or soundtrack started to play over this logo.

Availability: As with many '80s logos, you'll have to look for older issues of certain videos. Most Lorimar movies are now out of print today. It has appeared at the beginning of "Action Jackson" (the Lorimar Home Video copy), "The Boy Who Could Fly" and "The Morning After." It is generally rare, considering that Lorimar put out few movies while teamed up with Telepictures.

Scare Factor: Pretty harmless, though the dramatics of the flash and those words slowly approaching may get to some, I'd imagine. It does depend on the music playing over it, as one movie with the logo starts with a "SMACK" or explosion as the logo comes.

Karl-Lorimar Home Video
(1985- 1987)
Lorimar Home Video
(1987- 1992)

Video Background: Before L-T started this company under the "Karl-Lorimar" name, most Lorimar features were issued by either MGM/UA Home Video, or CBS/FOX Home Video

Logo: A multi-colored line of red/orange/yellow/blue sweeps onto the screen. It straightens out, and sets itself down at the bottom of the screen. Then a whole mess of gray dust collects and converges above the "Home Video" bar, forming the "Karl-Lorimar (or) Lorimar" logo. Then to give it a shiny look, little stars sparkle at the letter's edges in time with the "ding ding ding" fadeout of the music.

SFX/Cheesy Factor: The logo flying with the trail, the (Karl) Lorimar dissolving in.

Music: All synths, all the time on this one. A synth sweep brings in the bar, and as the dust forms the logo, a 5 note synth melody plays. The music closes with a "ding ding ding....." fade out.

Availability: Has rare written all over it. Try finding a good WORKING copy of a Lorimar Home Video release, and you'll have it. Their videos never sold too well, so this will be a tough one to find. All Lorimar releases are now re-issued as WB Home Entertainment releases.

Scare Factor: None