Compiled by James Fabiano and Adam P.

Telepictures Corporation

Nicknames: "Drum Roll," "Flying Parallelograms," "Rollercoaster," "Shadows"

Logo: Against a black background, numerous rectangles of different blue shades fly from the top and bottom of the screen and towards the middle, where they form a blue, horizontally segmented "Telepictures" logo. The word "CORPORATION" appears at the right below the logo, and all the words then turn white.


  • The white "Telepictures" emerges from the bottom of the screen followed by many "shadows" (blue in the color version), and moving up and "curving" down as if it was a roller coaster. When it stops in the middle, the "CORPORATION" appears as always.
  • The name appears as "Telepictures Productions" on network television.

FX: The shapes piling and forming the logo, very excellent animation.

Music: A drum roll sounds during the formation of the logo. Around the time it turns white, the theme ends with a "ding" from a triangle. Later, the drum roll was replaced by a five-note horn fanfare (but keeps the "ding" at the end)

Availability: Has spotted up on reruns of "Mayberry RFD" on Turner South and "The New Dick Van Dyke Show" on Good Life TV Network.

Scare Factor: Median, the drumroll and flashing "CORPORATION" might not go well with everyone.

Lorimar-Telepictures (See Lorimar)

Telepictures Productions
1st Logo

Nickname: "The Flipping T"

Logo: On a white background, a square with a "T" in it (except the left tip of the "T" is separated from the rest of the letter in a little box) quickly changes colors in a blur, from yellow to orange to neon green, before it quickly flips around. When it stops, the "T" square turns black, and small black text appears underneath that says "TELEPICTURES PRODUCTIONS, INC." Then the separated part of the "T" (which is now on the right side) turns pink.

FX/Cheesy Factor: The "T" square changing colors, flipping around.

Music: None.

Availability: Not widely used, though it was seen on the final season of "Fun House", as well as the first season of "Jenny Jones", among other programs.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "The Circle T", "The T"

Logo: On a black background a circular logo is coming towards the screen. Its border is black on the top half and white on the bottom, and the inside's left half is white and the right black. Inside is a "T," the left of which is black and right white. In a flash, the logo appears much closer and with the word "TELEPICTURES" in the center. Another flash (which results in a white bar as if someone turned off a television) brings the logo to a median distance, and under "TELEPICTURES" is "p r o d u c t i o n s" (spaced and in italics as seen in the example). Under all that is "A Time Warner Entertainment Company."

Later Variant: A later version exists where the animation is the same, but the end product looks different. In this variation, the "T Circle" logo is zoomed up much more (taking about the whole screen), and the "Telepictures Productions" text seems smaller in proportion than the original. This is done to create a new byline (in about the some position as the old logo) inside the "T Circle" stating "An AOL Time Warner Company." This version looks much more cheesy than the original, as it appears that the zoomed the "T Circle" more just to cover up the old byline.

FX: The flashes and the logo "jumping." Pretty cool effects.

Cheesy Factor: The later AOL-era version looks like the logo was zoomed up solely to get rid of the dated byline. C'mon guys, you can do a little better than that!

Music: A "crash-like" sound is heard with "tingles" heard in the background. Sometimes will just have the end of the show's theme song.

Availability: Uncommon, the AOL version (w/music) can be seen on "Jenny Jones," while (strange enough) the original version is showing up on "The Caroline Rhea Show."

Scare Factor: Low, but the version with the music may be surprising.

Telepictures Distribution
(Formerly Turner Program Services)

Nickname: "Magnifying Glass"

Logo: On a blue background, a glass-like ball passes across the middle bringing forth:


....just like the original logo, except updated with a gold font for "Telepictures." "DISTRIBUTION" is in white. The words in the ball look as if they are being magnified. When the logo is finished a flash of light appears in the center and spins upward to dot the "i" in "Telepictures." The entire logo then shines.

FX: The glass ball passing over the letters, the logo shining.

Music: A majestic uplifting orchestral piece with a chime-like sound at the end.

Availability: Seen on "Mama's Family" reruns on TBS, as well as "Street Smarts" in syndication.

Scare Factor: Low

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