Turner Entertainment

By Lee Cremeans, Sean Beard, James Fabiano, Matt Williams, and Eric Hartman


Nickname: "The Green Globe", "The Globe"

Logo: On a blue/purple gradient CGI starfield, an oblong blue marquee with gold trim (with the word "Turner" in a silver fancy font and the right arm of the T extended over the other letters, and the left arm curled; this is the same as the Turner print logo) moves in, close to the screen from the right. The camera turns left to follow it, and it approaches a green globe, like a planet or moon, positioned in the top left and lit from there and behind. As it approaches, it zooms out and turns its left side (the camera's right) in away from the camera, eventually settlling in front of the globe as the camera movement stops.

Variations: There are two versions of the graphic, one with a large globe and smaller (in proportion) marquee, and ane one (more common) with a smaller globe and longer, more expanded marquee. One of these is the short version, I think.

And keep these color variations in mind too:

Meet George Jetson: A different version was in use on "The Jetsons" on Cartoon Network. It is the same as Version 3 but is sped up and uses a completely different four-note fanfare.

FX: the starfield, logo and globe, all decent mid-1980s CGI.

Music: A triumphant 10-note orchestral fanfare, with a flourish as the logo first appears. The less common short version of this logo features a 5-note synthesized theme.

Availability: Was once found on many movies and shows from the Turner library, though many of the shows have since passed on to Warner Bros Television, or in some cases to Telepictures Distribution. If you have Turner Classic Movies, you'll see this logo at least a few times a day. The print logo itself is still in use, as Turner is a fairly autonomous part of the AOL Time Warner megalith.

Scare Factor: None, a pretty clean logo, nothing too obsolete or scary.

Turner Program Services
1st Logo

Nicknames: "TPS", "Rainbow-Fill", "Rainbow TPS"

Logo: Two trails of rainbow colors come in from the left and right of the black screen and move towards each other. You can barely make out a "TPS" logo in each. When they join, a blue burst of light shines, and when that clears a rainbow "TPS" remains. Below that the words "Turner Program Services" appear in yellow one by one and in small bursts of light.

FX: Merging colors, the burst of light and appearing logo.

Music: A dreamy, synthesized tune with "shining" sound effects and 3 notes at the end for the words that go "down-up-down." Very similar to the LBS "pan-out" logo

Availbility: Extinct, this was seen on Captain Planet in the Early 90s, and various game shows.

Scare Factor: High, has really scary synth-music and low-budget rainbow fill and prism effects.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "Silver Letters"

Logo: On a shaded gray screen, the word "TURNER" (in white) swings downward into place. Under it is:




The logo shines when it's formed.

FX: The swinging "TURNER," the shining logo.

Music: A mellow orchestra ending with a "ping" sound

Availability: Seen on Swat Kats on Cartoon Network and old prints of Wonder Years reruns.

Scare Factor: Low

3rd Logo

Nickname: "Globe Logo & Turning Letters"

Logo: On a white background is a black "Turner" logo (as seen in the globe logo). Underneath, a yellow line is drawn and under that, letter by letter, appear the words "PROGRAM SERVICES" (also in black)

FX: Line and words appearing

Music: Just an uninspired synth tune.

Availability: Can be seen on 2 Stupid Dogs on Cartoon Network.

Scare Factor: None, just a soft, dreamy tune and smooth special effects.

Turner Program Services then became Telepictures Distribution in 1996, following the Time Warner-Turner merger.


Nickname: "The House"

Logo: A white mansion-like house stands on a black background. Underneath, in white, are the words


The shadows against the house shift from right to left, and as that happens the words turn yellow.

FX: The "shadow," words changing color

Music: A single, somber tone with occasional sounds of birds. When the shadow shifts to the left a bell tolls.

Availability: Seen only on "Gettysburg", their Home Entertainment logo was much more common.

Scare Factor: Low

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