Welcome to KRS Logos!  As a member of the Closing Logo Group, I'm proud to present this collection of descriptions for numerous logos of the entertainment industry.  Many TV and film production companies have provided memorable, creative symbols that stick in our mind today. Identities such as MGM's Leo The Lion, the 20th Century Fox Tower and Searchlights, Columbia Pictures' Torch Lady, and the Rank Organisation's Gongman leave an impression from the film industry, while logos such as the MTM Kitten, the Mark VII Ltd. Hammer, BBC1's Globe, and NBC's Peacock have done the same with television.  

     Also, KRS Logos is the home for presenting logo inspired films, called Logo Surprises or Logo Nightmares.  All are produced by the creative minds at the Closing Logo Group, and are well worth the download.

So, to celebrate the ultimate artform of the entertainment industry, let's get to the logos!

-Kris Starring

Recent Updates

2/11/06 - First update of 2006.  I've added a new section for cinema opens, starting with a draft of descriptions from General Cinema Corporation's openers.

9/27/06 - Sorry for the relative lack of updates... We are back and to start off the return of semi-regular updates I have included a long awaited page for CBS Paramount Television.

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Closing Logo Descriptions


News Corp. (20th Century Fox TV, Four Star, Genesis, Metromedia, MTM, New World, Stephen J. Cannell)

2929 Entertainment (Bing Crosby Productions, Rysher/TPE/OPT)

British TV (ATV, BBC, Central, ITC, Lionheart, London Weekend Television, Thames, Ulster)

Walt Disney (ABC, Buena Vista/Walt Disney Television, Saban, Touchstone Television)

FremantleMedia (Goodson-Todman, Grundy, LBS, Thames)

Kids and Cartoons (AAP, CTW/Sesame Workshop, Cinar, Claster, Curious Pictures, DePatie-Freleng, DiC, Filmation, Hallmark, Hanna-Barbera, Jim Henson, King Features Syndicate, Klasky-Csupo, Krofft, Looney Tunes, Marvel, MGM Cartoons, Nelvana, Paramount Cartoons, Rankin-Bass, Ruby-Spears, Sunbow, Various)

MGM Television (American International TV, Filmways, Heatter-Quigley, United Artists TV)

NBC Universal (NBC, MCA, Multimedia/Studios USA, PolyGram TV, Revue/Universal TV)

Sony (Sony Pictures TV, Columbia Pictures TV, Embassy, Norman Lear Properties, Screen Gems, TriStar TV, Merv Griffin, Sony Pictures Television International)

Time Warner (Cinemax, HBO, Lorimar, Telepictures, Turner, WB Family, WB Television)

National Amusements (Viacom, Desilu, CBS Paramount Television NEW!, Paramount Television, KingWorld, Aaron Spelling, Worldvision, ABC Films, Group W, Comedy Central)

Vanity (Part 1, Part 2, Bungalow 78, Fred Silverman, Roundelay-MF)

Misc. (Alan Landsburg/Reeves, Alliance Atlantis/Salter Street Films, Dick Clark, Glen A. Larson, Mark VII, PBS, Proctor & Gamble, Program Exchange, Vin De Bona, WGBH Boston, WWE, Various)

Movies/Home Video

News Corp. (20th Century Fox, Fox Video)

Sony Pictures (Columbia, TriStar, Columbia/TriStar Home Video)

Walt Disney (ABC Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Disney Video, Miramax, Touchstone)

Lions Gate (Artisan/Live/IVE, Trimark/Vidmark, Carolco, Family Home Entertainment, Vestron)

MGM/UA (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, MGM/UA Home Video, Orion, United Artists)

Viacom (Paramount, Paramount Home Video)

NBC Universal (Universal, MCA/Universal Home Video, NBC Home Video)

Time Warner (Warner Bros, Lorimar, New Line, Thorn-EMI/HBO Video, Warner Home Video)

Misc. (Anchor Bay, Atlantic Releasing, Cinerama Releasing Corporation, Dreamworks SKG, EMI, Hi-Tops/Media, RKO Pictures, Rank, Simitar, Various, Viz Video)


AMC Theaters (General Cinema, Loews)

Regal (Edwards, United Artists Theaters)


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